The U.S. Government Should Buy Gilead For $156 Billion To Save Money On Hepatitis C

Evidence Driven Drug Pricing Project
January 17, 2017

In Forbes today Peter B. Bach and Mark R. Trusheim propose that the U.S. Government buy Gilead from its shareholders.

They argue that the approach is market based, enables cost effective access to the company’s blockbuster Hepatitis C drugs at an affordable price, and paves the way for addressing an ongoing public health crisis. As it stands today, buying the company rather than purchasing its products lowers the cost to one third current levels as the authors show in a break-up analysis where the government would sell the non hepatitis parts of Gilead after buying the company.

Read the full article here, and find an interactive model of a US Government led, private equity style, stock market acquisition of Gilead Pharmaceuticals here.