The Tracker comprises proposed policies identified by targeted review of proposed legislation from 2015 and onwards, and 2015-2017 policy platforms of political campaigns, trade groups, and non-profit and advocacy organizations. Also included are academic publications, and the work of advisory bodies to federal agencies. Additional sources and proposed policies are added by hand search, or upon recommendation by policy experts of whom we request periodic review.

The individual elements of each proposal are catalogued according to general policy mechanism (i.e.:“Policy Category”) and source. Source is attributed to the authoring organization, or first author if put forward by one or more individuals. Legislation introduced in both the House and the Senate is cited to the Senate version, unless differences between the two require separate citations. Key themes across the catalogued elements are further classified by the specific actions they propose (i.e.: “Potential Policy Solutions”).


How frequently do you update the Policy Tracker?

We add significant proposals and newly introduced legislation as they become available. In addition, we conduct quarterly sweeps of the literature and specific sources to identify new policy platforms and proposals.

I think you’re missing an important proposal. Could you add it?

We welcome any recommendations, including new sources, specific proposals, and policy categories. Please email us at with your suggestions.